Picking an armor vest

Body armor vests have various purposes. So, knowing your threat is good in achieving adequate protection. There are two ways to wear a bulletproof vest, either openly or covertly. From the same word, public means “open to view”, and “hidden” means “hidden.” In this article, I’ll show you the comparison of the two and their benefits to help you decide which ballistic jacket to buy.

Definitely a hidden jacket or hidden under clothing is used. As such, these jackets are designed to thin and light. Most importantly, it should be as invisible as possible when worn under casual clothing, shirts, dresses, and the like.

These types of jackets are made of moisture-wicking material, which is a good ingredient to keep the jacket cool even when it is directly in front of the skin. It comes in a lighter color to keep the wearer comfortable and fresh throughout the day. Remember that a bulletproof vest is worn under the shirt, so comfort is crucial to maintaining efficiency and productivity in your daily activities.

It must be comfortable, light and cool so that the companions around you do not detect it; otherwise, the purpose of wearing a bulletproof vest will not be of any help. The concealed jacket is protective clothing that will soon be in demand by undercover agents, businessmen, politicians, and the like, as body armor may seem impractical to them.

On the other hand, protective body clothing is a jacket that is worn over clothing. Therefore, these ballistic jackets are designed with much stronger fabrics and are heavier and larger than those that can be concealed. Most of the time, these jackets come in dark colors with high visibility strips. That is to ensure that the person wearing this jacket stands out from the crowd.

This type of jacket is usually worn by people who work for law enforcement agencies. That acts as a deterrent to easily identify an officer or authority figure in a busy area where unrest is currently escalating.

Now that you have the basic information on the difference between open and concealed armor vests, it is now easier for you to figure out what you need. After that, you should be able to determine what level of protection you need.

To determine the degree of protection required, consider certain aspects of your industry. What kinds of risks are you likely to be exposed to? What type of job do you have? What are your duties and responsibilities? What kind of weapon do you carry? What kinds of weapons are you most likely to find?

These are just a few of the many factors to consider before purchasing a bulletproof vest. Please note that the bulletproof vest was developed with variable resistance capacity. Therefore, it is not a good idea to rush to buy without taking these factors into account.

Another important factor is that knife protection requires a different type of jacket. An anti-stab jacket was created primarily for this purpose. Please note that the bulletproof vest is not a stab-proof jacket, but the armor vest can be a bulletproof vest.