Tactical medical gear

Every tactical medical gear is designed to provide personnel with the highest quality trauma supplies for the effective treatment of casualties in unconventional environments. Tactical medical gear can help almost all types of operators who save lives daily. This gear is a useful thing for a minimally trained doctor outdoors but also for a combat doctor who is on the field. Depending on the purpose for which this gear is needed, it can be found in various sizes – from the smallest tactical to a massive set of equipment for doctors. The content of the tactical gear must match your level of training and the type of injury you need to treat. The next thing to pay attention to when choosing a tactical medical gear is how it is packaged and what it contains. There is an extensive selection of tactical medical gear on the market, but one needs to know which one to choose.

Tactical medical gear is medical equipment organized in the bag, and it contains backpacks, radio holsters, ampoule holders, and everything necessary for every doctor in the field. This useful set of medical equipment is compact and durable in all weather conditions so it can reliably provide intervention anywhere. The tactical medical gear contains plenty of space and a compartment for easier sorting of medical supplies when you are in the field. This kit can be worn around the waist or can be slung over the shoulder. The tactical medical gear has internal dividers that can be tailored to your needs and organize your supplies. Additional organization pouches can be added, such as the Pharmacy Module, Pharmacy Module, XL, or Inner Pouch.

The content of a tactical medical gear depends on the intervention for which you need. You can choose the content yourself or simply buy an already equipped tactical medical gear. Gear may contain critical medical components to treat victims of GSW, to repair severe bleeding or injury. Tactical medical gear is perfect for tactical teams, tactical medics, or rescue task force.


  • Tactical Suction Device;
  • Nitrile Trauma Gloves;
  • Compressed Gauze;
  • Tactical Compression Wrap;
  • Tactical Responder Ballistic Vest System;
  • Trauma Shears;
  • Emergency Trauma Dressing;
  • Surgical Tape.

This compact and multi-purpose bag with medical equipment can help the rescue trauma team to treat multiple traumatic injuries. Each component in tactical medical gear is designed to be effective under survival stress and potentially reduce some of the physiological pitfalls associated with it.

Beside the medical gear one need at least one good pistol, maybe a Glock with a Recover 20/20 and many a good pait of boots and a nice bulletproof vest.