Military bulletproof vests

The human body is sensitive to shots, stabs, and gunshots. For this reason, our military and police officers protect themselves from bodily harm caused by bullets and other sharp objects using a bulletproof vest. Their line of job is risky and exposed to gunfire threats. In normal circumstances, a bullet fired from a firearm travels at a high speed causing penetration to the fresh leading to death or injuries. A bulletproof vest comes in as a barrier or a protective wall between the body and the bullet.

A military bullet-resistant vest is made of multiple layers of material together with ceramic plate’s to add to the protection of police and military personnel. The multiple layers help to reduce the speed of the bullet and the impact making it safe for the wearer. The ceramic plates help in case knives or sharp objects are used in the confrontation or attack to prevent piercing the body. The protection levels of a bulletproof vest are classified as follows; II-A, II, III-A, IV based on the risk covered. These categories are based on the handgun, short gun, and armor piercing rifle and high powered.

Bulletproof vests are mainly worn by military forces police officers and jail personnel and bomb experts. This means they are an important part of the security attire. It is therefore important and compulsory to test any newly designed ballistic wear to attain its credibility. Any time a new design of bulletproof vests comes on the market it has to meet the set standards of the National Institute of Justice NIJ. The test is carried out as follows; firing several shots to the vest to determine its level of protection. Secondly, a trauma test is conducted to determine the trauma level depth. If it passes the test it is approved then the registration and certification are finalized.

As they say, security begins with you. The law enforcement personnel and the military need to protect themselves first before going out to protect civilian lives. Military bulletproof vests offer extreme protection hence reducing panic carrying their duties with confidence. Besides protection, a bulletproof vest also needs to be light and comfortable to enable easy mobility.